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Our path to becoming an eco-aware parish began when Pope Francis’s letter, Laudato Si’, became an issue for discussion at one of our Parish Pastoral Council meetings. It was agreed that care for creation become a specific ministry in the parish. Subsequently, a group of interested people gathered together and so the journey began.

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Over the past two years small but significant steps were taken, and at each stage, a report of these activities sent to ECI. As a result, we received our first certificate, Awareness Certificate and then the Endeavour Certificate in March 2020.

Despite lockdown, work continued and on receiving our last application for the final audit, ECI informed us that we are now an eco-aware parish. The visit of the ECI assessors could not take place due to COVID 19 restrictions. However, as soon as circumstances allow, we look forward to welcoming the assessors to our Sunday liturgy. We know that their encouragement will confirm us in our desire to live as an eco-aware community, recalling Pope Francis’s statement:

“Love, overflowing with small gestures of mutual care, is also civic and political, and makes itself felt in every action that seeks to build a better world” (LS 231)

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October 2018

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The Season of Creation has a special significance for the Catholic Church. 

The theme for 2022 Season of Creation:  “Listen to the Voice of Creation”. 

The symbol:  The burning bush is the Symbol for the Season of Creation 2022. 

We are  called to awaken to the urgent need to heal our relationships with creation and with each other and to encourage our parish communities to do the same, “for we know that things can change!” (Laudato Si’, 13).

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Laudato Si’ Movement

Eco-Aware Events in August / September 2022

  • 10th August 2022
    World Lion Day

    This celebration of the animal kingdom’s most beautiful and fearsome creature was founded by Big Cat Rescue, the world’s largest accredited sanctuary dedicated to big cats. August 10th is a day for people to come together from across the world to pay tribute to the mighty lion in as many ways as possible.

     For more information click HERE.

  • 19th August 2022
    World Humanitarian Day

    A global challenge for climate action in solidarity with the people who need it most 

    The climate emergency is wreaking havoc across the world at a scale that people on the front lines and in the humanitarian community cannot manage. Time is already running out for the world’s most vulnerable people.....Read More

  • 1st September - 4th October 2022
    Season of Creation

    We are  called to awaken to the urgent need to heal our relationships with creation and with each other and to encourage our parish communities to do the same, “for we know that things can change!” (Laudato Si’, 13)

    For more information click HERE.

  • 3rd September 2022
    International Vulture Awareness Day

    Vultures are an ecologically vital group of birds that face a range of threats in many areas that they occur. Populations of many species are under pressure and some species are facing extinction.

    For more information click HERE.

  • 5th September 2022
    International Day of Charity

    Charity, like the notions of volunteerism and philanthropy, provides real social bonding and contributes to the creation of inclusive and more resilient societies. Charity can alleviate the worst effects of humanitarian crises, supplement public services in health care, education, housing and child protection.

    For more information click HERE.

  •  16th September 2022
    International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

    The ozone layer, a fragile shield of gas, protects the Earth from the harmful portion of the rays of the sun, thus helping preserve life on the planet.

    For more information click HERE.

  • 17th September 2022
    World Clean Up Day

    World Cleanup Day unites millions of volunteers, governments and organisations in 191 countries  to tackle the global waste problem and build up the new and sustainable world.

    For more information click HERE.

  • 22nd September 2022
    World Car Free Day

    Car-Free Day encourages motorists to give up their cars for a day. Organised events are held in some cities and countries.

    For more information click HERE

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